Join Us for a Stomper Joe Sock Photo Shoot!

Ever wonder what it takes to get those close up sock shots like they do on Amazon, where you can mouse-over and practically see every detail and every thread of feet_guy_ocean_waterthe sock?

Getting a good close up photograph can mean the difference between a purchase or a pass decision, and Stomper Joe is very proud of enlisting the best creative photographers for our products.

The first requirement is a really good foot.  We like using real feet instead of mannequins, so our photo foot has to be blemish and callous free and without the ankle hair of a chimpanzee.

The next requirement is excellent lighting and a neutral background.  This is what allows the photographer and the camera to catch the microfiber weave details of the socks.

The third requirement is patience.  The foot model may sneeze or have a toe cramp; the photographer may prefer a different angle, or the lighting may need to be adjusted for different colors of socks.stomper_joe_noshowsock_photoshoot2

The last requirement takes place at the computer, with eliminating those photos that won’t be used, and resizing and editing the ones that will be featured on the website, stomper_joe_noshowsock_photoshoot1catalogues and in social media.

We hope that you enjoy some candid shots of a recent no-show sock photo session for Stomper Joe’s extra-coverage and bamboo socks.  Let us know what you think!

The inventory post-photo shoot aftermath!


Each comment left on our blog will automatically be entered to win a Mister Alfresco Picnic Backpack!

picnic backpack for 4
Mister Alfresco Picnic Backpack for 4

Learn All About Your New Partner -Look at their Socks and Shoes!

Have you just met the possible love of your life?  Getting to know him/her in the giddy stages of love?  Sneak a look at their shoes, and we’ll tell you a bit more about them..

You have about 10 seconds to make an initial impression on a stranger.  Face, handshake, and shoes!

  • stomper joe invisible liner socks
    Check out her no show socks first!

    Are his or her shoes practical and functional?  If so, your partner will most probably be relaxed and easy-going in your relationship.

  • Are his or her shoes clean?  Scuffy, scratched shoes are fine for a stroll to the beach, but daily use might indicate they are a bit scratchy and scruffy around the house as well.
  • Are  her shoes Jimmy Choos?  If so, make sure your bank account is ready for a lot of spending all around.
  • Does he spend more time with shoe polish than with you?  You might have a narcissist on your hands.
  • Does she insist on panty hose with her pumps?  She’ll make a great, old-fashioned mom.
  • Does he wear white athletic socks with just about everything?  He’s probably not going to enjoy going to weddings, Michelin restaurants or too far from home.
  • Does he or she wear Stomper Joe, no-show socks?  Grab the perfect fit!  It means they are a practical, clean, sensible, value-oriented partner, combing class and style in their approach to life.

Pssst! Guys! Secrets for No-Show Socks & Footsies!

best no show socks
Stomper Joe no-show socks
  • Wear dark no show socks with black and brown shoes to eliminate any color transfer from the shoe to the sock
  • Stomper Joe’s classic men’s no-show sock is extra low cut and therefore perfect for yachties who sear Sperry’s and top-siders.
  • Use the beige/nude color for lighter color shoes, and our khaki color for darker skin tones.
  • Don’t substitute a no-show sock (even Stomper Joe socks!) for a true sport sock when you are at the gym or engaging in heavy sports, especially running.

Let’s Talk about Funghi (not mushrooms….)

Women's_no_show_sock_lakeHaving a toenail fungal infection is horrific.  You don’t have an actual, disease, but you can’t take your shoes off lest people gasp.

A toenail fungal infection will scare marital prospects, potential employers, and friends.

What is the primary cause of fungal toenail infections?  The fungi can only thrive in a damp condition.  These conditions occur primarily from physical injury, but also can result from a poor pedicure, or a pre-existing health condition which predisposes one to funghi when exposed to oxygen-free moisture.

Stomper Joe will share something with you from personal experience.  SJ wore closed shoes for a month working  on a yacht in the Mediterranean.  SJ had a small, work-related bruise on the toe when the wind blew a door upon the shoe. A month later, SJ had a yellow nail.  Stomper Joe needed to keep wearing the shoes for work, and feet were in the optimal condition for fungi.  The funghi spread to all toes.

Had Stomper Joe  simply worn breathable socks, the toes could have had an environment whereby fungal infections simply could not grow.  Don’t take the risk – keep your feet clean and oxygenated!

Sock Trivia Time

There was a time when socks and shoes were far more important, and invoked more thought than they do in our busy, social media age.  Not only did shoes reveal ample information about a person’s wealth, personality, occupation and health, but shoe-wear was also thought to hold secrets of divination. Moreover,  superstitious people believed wearing shoes whose soles had holes in would foretell wealth. When shoes were worn under the toes this meant the person would spend money freely (?)

The saying is:
“If you wear your shoes out on the toe.
You will spend money as you go”

Stomper Joe isn’t suggesting that you wear your no-show socks until the darn is thin, but if they do become a bit thread-bare, you have a good excuse!

Sock Superstitions
Superstitions about socks, feet and shoes

Rough Day? Don’t Let Your Socks Get in the Way.

Stp,[er Joe extra grip silicon strip no show sock
Extra Strong Silicon Grip – No Slippage
If you’re having one of those days where nothing is going right, do not exacerbate your woes with ill fitting socks.  Slipping, sliding, scrunching socks are the last thing you need to think about.  Invest in a properly fitting sock, and work your way through the storm.

Along with girdles, ill-fitting underwear and tight shoes, the wrong sock can ruin your concentration.  Stomper Joe’s extra wide silicone grip ensures that no matter how active you are, or what style shoe you wear, your no-show stocks will never crumble into a ball under your arch.  All of us have more important things to think about.

Sweaty Feet are Sexy Feet, and Here’s Why

Stomper Joe invisible no show socks
Healthy, sweet feet!

OK – our feet can smell like a sulfur-laden rotten egg sometimes.  But this is nature’s way of keeping them healthy, and here’s why.

On average, our feet contain about 250,000 sweat glands, and can produce up to 1/2 a pint per day of sweat.  Feet have more sweat glands per area than any other part of our body.  These glands are there for good reasons – eliminating salts and water, heat regulation by cooling the skin, and preventing skin and fungal infections by disposing of bacteria.

Stomper Joe no show socks help your feet stay healthy, by assisting the body’s natural design function.  Our natural bamboo fibers absorb any excess sweat that would normally not accumulate unless we lock our feet into nice shoes.  They also prevent friction from chafing due to excess sweat.  Lastly, they collect any dust and grime that comes between you and your shoe.

Girls – Get this Hot No-Show Sock 2016 Look

Invisible no show socks Stomper Joe
The 2016 Look!

Who would have thought sport shoes and a beautiful ensemble could look so polished?  Here’s the look – from work to play.  The more contrast you can introduce between serious and fun, the more 2016 your look with appear. chic, fun and trendy.  Looking effortless takes a little bit of thought, so use your sense of fashion to pair together a great pair of colorful trainers with a serious skirt.

New Shoes? Why You Need New Socks For Them.

Stomper Joe no show socks for men
Protect Your Investment

You’ve just spent your monthly grocery bill on a pair of shoes from Nordstrom.  (By the way, Nordstrom hires the best shoe sales people on the planet – you want to marry a Nordstrom shoe seller.  Really.)

Don’t forget to protect your beautiful new shoes with fresh, new socks.  Doing so will preserve the life of your shoe against friction, discoloration and yes, your sweat glands. You wouldn’t hang old drapes in a new house, so invest in some new socks for your new shoes.