Sock Trivia Time

There was a time when socks and shoes were far more important, and invoked more thought than they do in our busy, social media age.  Not only did shoes reveal ample information about a person’s wealth, personality, occupation and health, but shoe-wear was also thought to hold secrets of divination. Moreover,  superstitious people believed wearing shoes whose soles had holes in would foretell wealth. When shoes were worn under the toes this meant the person would spend money freely (?)

The saying is:
“If you wear your shoes out on the toe.
You will spend money as you go”

Stomper Joe isn’t suggesting that you wear your no-show socks until the darn is thin, but if they do become a bit thread-bare, you have a good excuse!

Sock Superstitions
Superstitions about socks, feet and shoes

Rough Day? Don’t Let Your Socks Get in the Way.

Stp,[er Joe extra grip silicon strip no show sock
Extra Strong Silicon Grip – No Slippage
If you’re having one of those days where nothing is going right, do not exacerbate your woes with ill fitting socks.  Slipping, sliding, scrunching socks are the last thing you need to think about.  Invest in a properly fitting sock, and work your way through the storm.

Along with girdles, ill-fitting underwear and tight shoes, the wrong sock can ruin your concentration.  Stomper Joe’s extra wide silicone grip ensures that no matter how active you are, or what style shoe you wear, your no-show stocks will never crumble into a ball under your arch.  All of us have more important things to think about.

Sweaty Feet are Sexy Feet, and Here’s Why

Stomper Joe invisible no show socks
Healthy, sweet feet!

OK – our feet can smell like a sulfur-laden rotten egg sometimes.  But this is nature’s way of keeping them healthy, and here’s why.

On average, our feet contain about 250,000 sweat glands, and can produce up to 1/2 a pint per day of sweat.  Feet have more sweat glands per area than any other part of our body.  These glands are there for good reasons – eliminating salts and water, heat regulation by cooling the skin, and preventing skin and fungal infections by disposing of bacteria.

Stomper Joe no show socks help your feet stay healthy, by assisting the body’s natural design function.  Our natural bamboo fibers absorb any excess sweat that would normally not accumulate unless we lock our feet into nice shoes.  They also prevent friction from chafing due to excess sweat.  Lastly, they collect any dust and grime that comes between you and your shoe.

Girls – Get this Hot No-Show Sock 2016 Look

Invisible no show socks Stomper Joe
The 2016 Look!

Who would have thought sport shoes and a beautiful ensemble could look so polished?  Here’s the look – from work to play.  The more contrast you can introduce between serious and fun, the more 2016 your look with appear. chic, fun and trendy.  Looking effortless takes a little bit of thought, so use your sense of fashion to pair together a great pair of colorful trainers with a serious skirt.

New Shoes? Why You Need New Socks For Them.

Stomper Joe no show socks for men
Protect Your Investment

You’ve just spent your monthly grocery bill on a pair of shoes from Nordstrom.  (By the way, Nordstrom hires the best shoe sales people on the planet – you want to marry a Nordstrom shoe seller.  Really.)

Don’t forget to protect your beautiful new shoes with fresh, new socks.  Doing so will preserve the life of your shoe against friction, discoloration and yes, your sweat glands. You wouldn’t hang old drapes in a new house, so invest in some new socks for your new shoes.

A Brief History of the Penny Loafer

Stomper Joe invisible socks for dress shoes
Penny Loafers need no-show socks…

Loafers shot to popularity in the 1930s after the Spaulding company featured their stylized version of a Norwegian dairy farmer’s shoe.  John Bass took the design one step further (pun intended) and created a loafer with a wide band across the top with a small slit in the middle.  At the time, public pay phones in the USA required a dime for a phone call and it became fashionable for teens and young people on dates to place a dime in the slit of the shoe for a way to make an emergency call home.

We just think they are wonderfully appropriate for any occasion.

Home Spa – Create your own footbath!

Stomper Joe No-show footlet sock

No need to spend big bucks at a spa – it’s very easy to create a relaxing, soothing foot bath using everyday, household items.  Here’s how:

Heat some water in a bucket or plastic basin and open your fridge door for some ideas.  Apple vinegar, baking soda, grated ginger, lemon juice, olive oil are all great ingredients for a calm, soothing foot bath (preferably not all in the same bath water at the same time.)  Or throw in a couple of capfuls of your favorite body wash in the water for a sudsy soak – instant zen calmness guaranteed.  Got a garden?  Throw in some flower petals for the true spa-like feel.

Share your foot-bath ingredients and photos with us by emailing them to  You’ll be entered into our monthly give-away for a Mister Alfresco, all natural, multi-purpose beach towel! 

Guys – Nail the Sockless 2016 Look Effortlessly

Stomper Joe invisible men's no show socks
Get the 2016 Look

It’s fairly easy to capture this beautiful men’s style with just a couple of important tactics to keep in mind.

This no-sock look is best with a relatively narrow cut of pant leg.  You don’t want those nice ankles swimming around in excess material.  But don’t go for super skinny cuts either or you’ll look like a parsnip.

Next, be sure to invest in the right shoe.  With your Stomper Joe, no-show socks, your shoes and feet will have all the attention.  Head to Nordstroms and indulge.

Ensure that the exposed part of your ankles have excellent hygiene.  A bit of moisturizer, or even some spray tan if you are pale skinned will seal the fit, and you’ll look like you just stepped off of the catwalk in Milan.

What His Shoes Reveal About Him

Loafers?  Converse?  Oxfords?  Sperries?  Here’s how to jump start getting to you know your guy through his choice of shoe.

Stomper Joe No Show Socks
Loafers? Flipflops? Choose Your Man  Wisely!

Loafers are thought to have originated from moccasins and are favored by those for whom style is important without sacrificing comfort.  They are available in a wide variety of models, from very casual slip ons to the much more formal Gucci or tassel loafer.  If your guy favors loafers, he’s probably slightly conservative, well-established and very much at ease with himself.

Does your mans how up to a dinner date in sneakers?  And is the restaurant he chose a fast food diner?  Get ready for a fun, sporty relationship but don’t expect a whirlwind surprise weekend in Paris from your guy.  You’ll enjoy the outdoors, picnics in the park and beach dates.

If the shoe of choice from your boyfriend are non-skid boat shoes, chances are he might even own a boat!  Even if he doesn’t have a permanent mooring in the marina, you’ll be out and about with a fun-loving person who thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and is comfortable in his own skin.

Flip flops!  What?  Unless you’re at the beach, if your date lives in flip flops all year around, keep your fingers crossed that he’s Australian, in which case he can be forgiven.