Easy Peppermint Foot Soak

It’s counter productive to put dirty or calloused feet into clean, fresh socks.  Stomper Joe shares their favorite peppermint foot soak with our followers.  Use this foot soak just before going to bed, or first thing in the morning while getting ready for the day (or while enjoying that first cup of coffee.)  Slip into your clean socks, and you’ll be amazed at what a difference your day will be by something so simple.

Pink Himalayan Salt Foot Soak

2 Tablespoons pink Himalayan salt
1 drop cypress essential oil
1 drop tea tree essential oil
1 tsp. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap (or substitute with a neutral soap such as Dove)
Tub of warm water

Feeling lazy?  Warm water and a cup of apple cider vinegar will get your tootsies just as clean.

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Squeaky clean!

Do copper infused socks really help control foot odor?


copper textiles socks no show socks, copper infused wicking socks

To copper, or not?

A trend in athletic wear – especially socks – is the introduction of copper directly into textiles to kill germs and bacteria.  Stomper Joe took a deeper look into the claims and promises of copper infused socks.

Our research began with copper itself.  Copper is a natural red metal in rocks, soil, water, sediments and air. There are many practical applications in our society and are often found in currencies, electrical wiring and hoses. It is an essential element for living things in small quantities, including humans, and is part of a healthy diet.  However, too much copper can have dangerous side effects, including lethargy, anemia and nerve damage.

Contact with copper on the skin of the surface has no ill effects, and both copper and silver have been shown to kill bacteria within 20 minutes of contact.   Copper is widely used on door handles, kitchen and bathroom faucets and cookware for centuries with no harm to human health.

However, if you are considering purchasing copper infused sportswear, ensure that the copper treatment is not merely a spray, as this will wash out very quickly.  The garment needs to have the copper actually infused into the textile itself in order to be effective.

Stomper Joe hasn’t yet introduced a line of copper no-show socks, but we’re keeping our eyes and ears to the ground.  What are your thoughts?  Have any of you tried copper infused clothing?

Pregnancy.  Your feet. The right socks. Read on.

Pregnancy. Your feet. The right socks. Read on.

The stick read positive!  Welcome to the rest of your life, leaving behind days as you know them.

Pregnancy affects womens’ bodies in many different ways.  Many women report a lower backache as the first sign of pregnancy, even before the stick test.  A widening of the pelvic area even without weight gain (often due to morning sickness) is another sign.  As your pregnancy progresses, thick shiny hair and beautiful skin compensate for some discomforts, but women seldom discuss what happens to their feet.

Many expecting mothers opt for comfort over fashion while pregnant, especially with shoes.  Not only do high heels distort posture, they can be dangerous in the event of a slip or a fall.  Another side effect can arise from edema, or water retention which tends to pool in the lower part of the body.  This means that shoes and socks can feel very compressed, and some women have mentioned that their feet went up an entire shoe size during pregnancy.

Stomper Joe has personal experience with these issues, and has useful suggestions for avoiding swollen feet while expecting Junior:

  • Always try to raise your feet when sitting or lying down
  • Wear flat, comfortable shoes throughout the duration of your pregnancy
  • Use socks with flexible elastic grip to prevent fluid retention in your feet
  • Look for socks made from bamboo to wicker moisture and bacteria
  • Avoid knee high socks, as they will restrict blood flow and encourage fluid retention
  • Be careful with sodium intake – despite the inevitable cravings.

Last of all, don’t worry about bigger feet for a few months – they do go back to their normal size!

Back to School! Stomper Joe Introduces New Low-Cut Men’s Bamboo Sock Line

Back to School! Stomper Joe Introduces New Low-Cut Men’s Bamboo Sock Line

Due to the popularity of our Extra-Coverage Men’s sock line, Stomper Joe has developed a bamboo men’s sock with the same attirbutes:

  • Slightly higher cut than a standard no-show sock
  • Still does not show with most sports and boat shoes
  • Available in solid and bold stripe colors
  • Accurate sizing chart means no slippage
  • Arch support and all the benefits of bamboo’s moisture wicking properties
  • Stomper Joe’s money back guarantee if not completely satisfied

The BEST part is the price!  Buy a 6 pack for $9.99 and get the second pack at 50% off!

Low Cut Men’s Bamboo Sock Line

Go No-Show Ronaldo!

A recent selfie taken by Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo proves he’s more than comfortable in his no-show socks, and respectful of his furniture!

no show socks Ronaldo

Man Enough to wear no-show socks!

Why No-Show Socks are Perfect for Men’s Espadrille Summer Shoes

Why No-Show Socks are Perfect for Men’s Espadrille Summer Shoes

With a deep history in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, Espadrilles are becoming increasingly popular in North American and Australia recently.

While often though of as a woman’s shoe, espadrilles hail from the Basque populations of Spain and have been hand woven for centuries for men.  The top of the shoe was woven from cotton or linen, and the bottom was made from juto rope.  The natural fibers allow air circulation all around the foot and prevents moisture from accumulating between the toes in humid climates.   Espadrilles are also eco-friendly and can be sourced from ethical labor practices which returns income to populations who are preserving ethnic traditions.

While some men feel that espadrilles are not especially masculine, confident men pull of an incredibly sexy, metropolitan look that is perfect for spring and summer.  Given the huge variety of colors and patterns available, espadrilles can be paired with shorts, linen suits, chinos and solid colored slacks.  The only look that doesn’t work well is to pair them with jeans, as this look makes the shoe appear too casual.

Because the foot is in direct contact with the material of the shoe, Stomper Joe No-Show men’s cotton socks are perfect for use with espadrilles and will preserve the life of the shoe significantly.  Wearing the liner socks will also prevent any staining on the sole of the shoe.

stomper joe no show socks with espadrilles

Real Men Wear Espadrilles!

Stomper Joe No-Show Sock Photo Winner(s) Announced!

Stomper Joe is very pleased to announce that we have not one, but TWO winners of our recent no-show sock photograph contest!

Participants were asked to submit a photograph of their shoes, featuring their no-show socks.  The winner(s) received a 50$ Amazon voucher to spend online.  Submissions were based upon creativity,photo quality and originality in displaying the versatility of Stomper Joe No-Show socks.

If you missed out on our last photo competition, worry not – Stomper Joe is announcing a brand new photo contest for April 2017!  Just submit an original photo wearing your no-show socks.  You will automatically be entered to win a 50$ Amazon voucher to spend on Amazon on anything you like!

Want to see the winning photo?  Here are the two sisters exploring the Greek Islands wearing their no-show socks.

stomperjoe, stomper joe, invisible bamboo unisex noshow socks

Sisters wearing Stomper Joe bamboo no-show liner socks

Winter’s Not over, and Spring is Not Here. Why No-Show Socks?

Most people think of bamboo no-show socks as only a warm weather, summer product, but this is not necessarily the case.

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Stomper Joe No-Shows Take the Edge off of Chilly Evenings

During summer months, we’re out and about, wearing cute clothes with even cuter shoes, but the issue of foot odor and sweat becomes more prominent in the heat. As a naturally absorbent wick, bamboo ensures that your feet will not smell, even during the hottest of days.

Our bamboo no-show socks are the perfect transition between autumn and spring seasons:

Discrete – you can carry them in your pocket or handbag.
Efficient – bamboo’s wicking function ensures no smell or moisture
Effective – your feet emerge clean after every activity

During the winter months, bamboo is the perfect conduit between your warm (itchy!) woolies and your tender feet. Use them as a go-between to stop the scratchy feeling from your thick socks, and for an extra, insular layer of absorbent warmth.

Bamboo is a sustainable product requiring no pesticides, artificial water supplies or environmental damage.   The longer a bamboo plant grows, the stronger it becomes so it benefits from being pruned, unlike most other textile plants.  Bamboo does not proliferate; it simply bears more and more material with each year without encroaching on local resources.

It is for this reason (and for our own families and friends) that Stomper Joe has chosen to utilize bamboo as the primary material for our no-show sock products.

To learn more about our on-going efforts with sustainable products and the most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear, please sign up for our newsletter.  You’ll receive one significant discount or reward per month, and nothing more.  You can unsubscribe at any time.


How to Use your No-Show Socks in the Winter Months

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Use liner socks in winter booties to keep lint away

Don’t pack your no-show socks away with your summer wardrobe just yet.  Cooler weather means warmer socks, especially thick merino and wool blends for cold climates.  But an active lifestyle can produce sweat and friction between warm socks and thick shoes, meaning your feet are subject to as much wear and tear as they can receive in summer months.

Stomper Joe no-show liner socks are the perfect base layer for warm, dry, soft feet.  The absorbent elements of our socks means that they will draw away and absorb the moisture from your skin, a process known as ”wicking.”  Layer your favorite wool or blended winter socks on top of the base sock, and stomp away knowing you’ll have no chafing or itching during the winter months!

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